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How FreeMart Was Born

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How FreeMart Was Born by CEO John Austin

During my 51 years in network marketing, I was unable to find even one company that I considered to be completely honorable.

I became the top distributor and top recruiter in several companies and although I did my due diligence on the company owners as best that I could, in virtually every instance they either did something stupid that caused the company to fail or they took my income and downline away from me.

Having worked as a consultant to the industry for sixteen of my fifty-one years in the industry, I have seen every imaginable compensation plan and how company owners cleverly design them to enrich themselves and a few elite leaders, forcing the masses like slaves to carry the burden of their luxurious lifestyles.

I have seen products watered down and formulas changed to reduce costs and increase profits. I desperately wanted someone to bring honor to the industry and finally after recently having my income and downline stolen from me by company owners for the fourth time, I came to the realization that if it was going to be, I would have to change this. FREE MART LLC IS BORN. DOB June 1, 2015. Incorporated in the State of Wyoming, 1621 Central Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82001. With international offices in the Philippines,

However, within 15 minutes of making the decision to start my own company, I received a call from my sponsor in the company that had just stopped paying me. She told me about a mineral product that literally turns the earth back into a Garden of Eden, and believing it may be the best possible product for starting a network marketing company, I asked her how I could get it.

She told me that David Crookston told her about it. I had done some consulting for David as a friend about a year earlier when he was first preparing to start his own network marketing company. I asked my sponsor to 3-way David on the phone and I told him I had just decided to start my own company and wanted to know where I could get his miracle product.

David invited me to join with him and the two of us build one company together. I told him that in order for me to do that we would have to change the compensation plan and he agreed to do that. So within one-half hour of deciding to start my own company, I was half-owner of a company that was quite close to being ready to launch.

I recognized this as a blessing from God and I believe that God had purpose in bringing David and I together for the purpose of building a company based upon the principles of honesty, equity and integrity. David has since resigned and started his own company.

Free-Mart is free to join. There is never an obligation to purchase any products. If you were to invite someone to accept a free membership, you would get paid any time they were to either make a purchase or to introduce someone else who does.

We have gotten rid of all trickery, deceptions and negatives that are normally associated with the industry. There is no longer any reason for someone to shy away from the industry.

Although our products are more pure and more concentrated than similar products sold by other companies, they are still affordably priced. We will never sacrifice quality for profits and the Free-Mart brand will always be a brand you can trust and rely upon to be free from GMOs and other harmful chemicals.

Nearly everyone will find products here that they will want to purchase and there will never be any reason to quit because there are no obligations to buy for any reason other than you want one of our products. For this reason, we will become the largest and most successful company in the industry.

Our compensation plan is unique to Free-Mart. We are doing things that no other company has done. We have two separate compensation plans. The first pays on the first purchase a member makes and we call that a Fast Start Bonus. The second pays through 9 levels of unlimited width and will out perform any other compensation plan by 4-8 times based upon the same number of people and amount of products purchased.

The typical Fast Start Bonus as employed by most companies has nearly killed the industry since it was implemented. Fast Start sounds good, but in reality it has proven itself to be a Slow Start.

For example, you sponsor perhaps 5 people your first month. You earn 100% of the commissions and nobody else gets paid from those sales. Next month, those 5 start signing people up, but you get paid nothing because all of the commissions go to them.

If the ones you signed up last month repurchase this month, you will have a small commission coming the following month and it literally takes 6-7 months to make any decent money with everyone duplicating. But people don't typically last that long. The industry average is a 95% dropout rate. That means if you build a group of 100, you will get to keep perhaps 5 and then you get to basically start over again.

Free-Mart splits the Fast Start commission (multi-level) between 5 pay ranks. Not only does this overcome the problems I just described, but it will allow many people to earn that needed bread and butter income to immediately put food on the table.

There are two compensation plans that I would run away from and those are the Binary and the Matrix.

In a binary, only about 3% of the people make money and they are the heavy hitters that get placed into what is called a power leg, so they only have to build one leg. Everybody else gets put in an outside leg and they are forced to build and balance two legs in order to get paid.

I have tried to build 2 legs in a binary before understanding why it doesn't work and have failed myself. The question is, even if you got placed in the power leg, would you want to bring your friends and family to a compensation plan where 97% of them are guaranteed to fail?

Furthermore, I am only aware of one company with a binary plan that has survived 20 years, so if you are looking for long-term success, the odds are at least 1,000 to 1 against you having it with a binary compensation plan.

The matrix plan is perhaps worse than even the binary. Both plans in my opinion are contrary to natural law. The Bible says that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Working a binary forces 97% of the people to be double minded. The Bible also says that the worker is worthy of his salary and the non-worker "shall not" eat the bread of the worker.

The matrix plan pays the non-worker and therefore God does not bless either of these plans. There is no synergy (God helping) in either of these plans and you are left to your own devices.

Finally, for every binary company, there has been at least 100 matrix companies and still only one matrix has made it to 20 years. Again, if you desire long-term success, avoid both of these plans no matter how good the products may be.

Free-Mart pays all repeat purchases in a Unilevel Plan. Unilevel has long proven itself to be the longest lasting and highest paying compensation plan. It too can be manipulated my unscrupulous company owners, but our Free-Mart Unilevel is more fair and pays out more than any other plan.
For example, if you were to give away 2 free memberships and each of them did the same through 9 levels, you would have 1,022 people in your group. If every one of those people just purchased $25 BV (Bonus Volume) worth of products monthly, your monthly income would be over $6,000.

However, if you just get a little more committed and you were to give away 3 free memberships and each of them do the same through 9 levels; with a monthly BV purchase of just $25 your monthly income would be over $200,000.

Truth is, many people are going to bring more than 3 and many people are going to purchase more than $25 worth of products, so you can see how Free-Mart will soon be paying the biggest checks in the industry.

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