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Jelly Beans

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I have been a full time Network Marketer since 2010 and I have seen just about everything. I have been the top recruiter in two companies... so I speak from experience.

Here is the typical MLM/Network Marketing sales pitch.

"Our Jelly Beans are the highest food grade quality. Yes, they cost more than other Jelly Beans, but ours come from scientific research and are manufactured in a FDA approved laboratory. People love our Jelly Beans and you will have no problem recruiting thousands of people who will gladly buy $100 per month on auto ship. You will become very rich in 90 days or less."

I know that scenario is a little far fetched, but not by much judging from the hype, lies, greed and deception so prevalent in the MLM/Network Marketing industry. And why has the failure rate remained at a constant 95% for the past 20 years?

Here is the Dirty Little Secret
Most MLM/Network Marketing companies are a three legged stool with one of the legs missing. They have quality products or services (for the most part) and a comp plan that sounds good but no retention strategy.

You will be very disappointed after working hard to build your business only to see your downline drop out as they grow weary of recruiting, monthly recurring payments, and trying to advance to a higher pay rank.

This is the truth that MLM owners are not telling their distributors. Only a few ever make it... and that's sad.

Here's a Better Way.

​The FREE-MART formula for success.​

Top 10 Reasons to Own a FREE-MART Global Franchise

It's Global and It's Free
No Franchise Fees
No Purchase Required to Get Paid
The Best Uni-level Pay System for Fast Profit Payout
No Hoops to Jump Through or Rank Advancement to Get Paid
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Pays 4 - 8 Times More Than ANY Other Pay System
Excellent Health Products to Help People, Pets, and Plants Get Healthy and Stay Healthy
Fast Easy Promotions and Rapid Pay Advances for Everyone. Every Friday is Pay Day
Never Lose Money. 100% Free... and Always Will Be

FREE MART is making History. The franchise business model solves the 95% drop out rate in the Network Marketing industry. FREE-MART ​promises
only what they ​can deliver... then delivers​ a little extra.

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