Friday, March 25, 2016

The Choice is Yours

From the Desk of Mike Farris
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A man dies and meets St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. Peter says: "Before you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven, God wants you to spent a day in Hell."

The man thinks it over and says. "Well, one day in Hell is not too much to ask for all the sins I've committed. OK, I'll do it."

So an angel escorted the man to Hell. He was amazed at what he saw... beautiful golf course, fancy restaurants, people laughing and having a good time... it was like Las Vegas on steroids.

The next day he returned to the entrance of Heaven, and Peter asked him what he thought of Hell. The man said he was very impressed, it was nothing like he had heard. St. Peter said: "The LORD does not force anyone so you have a choice of where you want to spend eternity".

The man said he was not too fond of harp music, he would choose Hell. When the man returned to Hell, he was shocked at what he saw. It looked like a garbage dump and smelled even worse, people were screaming in agony.

"What is going on, where is the beautiful golf course that was here yesterday?", asked the man.

Satan said: "Yesterday was the sales pitch. Today, you bought it."

Moral to the story... most of the money schemes on the Internet are sales pitches. Be careful what you buy.