Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What Is FreeMart?

FreeMart™ is a global company open for Free Membership.

You may have been involved with marketing companies in the past, or even now, that have not delivered on their promises. This is why I want to stress the FreeMart™ opportunity. Every member owns an online FreeMart™ store. The FreeMart™ global franchise business model is a new paradigm that is fair and honest. Members can own a chain of FreeMart™ stores worldwide. (just like McDonald's franchisees expand their business by adding more stores)
The market is flooded with offers to help you make money. But the actual truth is 95% will never find success with any traditional MLM/Network Marketing company. And it's not your fault. Binary and Matrix comp plans simply do not work for 95% of the people who try to build long term residual income.

Two of the key reasons for failure are trickery and deception that has been so prevalent in the Network Marketing industry. FreeMart™ has removed all the negatives and brings honor to business with it's unique Uni-Level pay plan that is fair and honest... and actually produces true residual income.  

FreeMart™ offers solutions today before chemicals have their way with your body. Prevention IS the cure. For pennies a day you can checkmate health conditions with FreeMart™ products. With millions of people affected by poor nutrition, and toxic build up, FreeMart™ products are the solution for health and fitness. 

The testimony of Mike Farris... I turned 77 this year (2016). I take no prescription drugs, no over the counter drugs. I have none of the health problems of men half my age. In fact, I have no health problems at all. I never even feel bad. I'm a firm believer in FreeMart™ natural wellness products. Here's a free gift for you... Bookmark this site so you can refer to it as needed.
So FreeMart™ offers health and wealth. What more can you ask from a company that brings honor to business? 

FreeMart™ members do not want to develop a business, but just have access to all the products they need. As a member you will have a free web site. This site will allow you to choose the best product(s) to deal with your particular health conditions. Everyone always joins for free, no monthly or annual fees. FreeMart™ members buy when they want to, not because they are forced to on auto-ship.

Listen to live calls Monday thru Friday at 9pm Eastern Time. Dial 641-715-3580 from the USA and Canada; Pin: 949458#. International Dial-In

To listen to recorded Conference Calls and Testimonies, Dial 641-715-3589; PIN: 949458#... Follow Prompt to Start the Message.

FreeMart™ helps you with two goals - Your Health and Your Income. No hype, No auto-ship, No having to order to get paid, No Matrix, No Binary. All the negatives have been removed. Helping family and friends achieve maximum health, and earn some extra income... what could be better than that?

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