Monday, April 4, 2016


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A pig and a chicken were walking down the road. As they passed a church, they notice that a potluck charity breakfast was under way. Caught up in the spirit, the pig suggested to the chicken that they each make a contribution. 

“Great Idea!” the chicken cried. “Let’s offer them ham and eggs!”
“Not so fast.” said the pig. “For you, that’s just a contribution, but for me, it’s a total commitment.”

COMMITMENT – Nothing happens until we make a commitment!


Nobody has ever purchased something without making a commitment.

No marriage has ever been successful without two people making a commitment.

All successful online business runs and grows and thrives on commitment.

Every good thing we know begins with commitment!

It is the first step.
It is not the only step.
It is not even the last step.
But without it, you never get going.
Without it, you never finish.
Without it, you never continue.

It's a good word.
It works.

Or, let us say it this way:
Commitment works if you work commitment.
It is something you have to put your best into.

The Hallmark Greeting Card Company has a slogan: "When you care enough to send the very best." I care enough to send you my very best... Free Home Business