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FREE-MART Compensation Plan



FREE MEMBER: Everyone enrolls for free, after which they can make a product purchase if they choose to.
SALE: Refer someone to Free-Mart that makes a product purchase.
DIAMOND MEMBER: Advance to Diamond by making one (1) sale.
DOUBLE DIAMOND: Advance to 2Diamond by making a total of three (3) sales.
TRIPLE DIAMOND:  Advance to 3Diamond by making a total of six (6) sales.
AMBASSADOR:  Advance to Ambassador by making a total of nine (9) sales.
GLOBAL AMBASSADOR:  Advance to Global Ambassador by making a total of (27) sales.
CROWN AMBASSADOR:  Advance to Crown Ambassador by making a total of (54) sales.

GLOBAL BONUS POOL:  Global Ambassadors will receive one (1) Share in 1% of the Global BV that is paid into the Unilevel Compensation Plan each month that they have (27) personally sponsored Members make a purchase. Crown Ambassadors will receive one (1) Share in 1% of the Global BV that is paid into the Unilevel Compensation Plan each month that they have (54) personally sponsored Members make a purchase.

FOUNDING MEMBERS:  Founding Members will receive one (1) Share in 1% of the Global BV that is paid into the Unilevel Compensation Plan each month after the Founding Member is vested. The total cost of a Founding Membership is $1,000.00. For a limited period of time, any Free-Mart Member can open a Founding Membership position for as little as $50.00 and then make payments according to his or her ability to pay until the entire amount is paid, at which time that Founding Member will be vested and start receiving monthly royalties as described above. Free-Mart members that desire to acquire multiple positions in this global pool can do so with a downpayment of $50.00 on each position and then pay them off at their own pace. Each time one of them is paid in full, that position will then be vested and start receiving one share in the global pool. Founding Memberships will only be available for a limited period of time and then this purchase option will be closed and removed from the shopping cart. If you want to be a Founding Member, the time to act is now.

COST OF SHIPPING:  Free-Mart does not make any money on shipping. The shipping fee charged on each order is the actual cost charged by our shipping company for warehousing our products and the cost of pulling products from our inventory, packaging and shipping them to our members.

OPERATING IN THE CLOUD:  Almost all of our services are outsourced to other companies, which eliminates the need for a large office building to handle management, customer service, shipping, etc. Companies that specialize in these services can typically do a better job for less money, which saves us money and makes it possible for us to pay higher commissions.

OFFICES:  Free-Mart LLC is incorporated in the State of Wyoming/USA, and currently maintains an International office located in the Philippines, which houses our Call Center and Programming Team. Much of the future development and growth of Free-Mart is dependent upon what happens in this office. Not only is Free-Mart a product company, but also a technology company. We will be expanding into many multi-billion dollar industries that will give Free-Mart members many virtual products and services that they can take advantage of and the profits from these services will then be paid to our members through our compensation plan. As finances are available, we will be opening shipping facilities and perhaps even manufacturing facilities in other countries around the world to make our products even more affordable to the international sector.

PRODUCTS:  Without products there would be no compensation plan. We specialize in selecting products for our members that are not only pure, but are highly concentrated to deliver the best and fastest results possible. The ingredients in our health products are either wild-crafted or organically grown to ensure that no harmful chemicals will be found therein. Free-Mart will never sacrifice quality for price and therefore when you see the Free-Mart brand on any product, you can be confident that it is safe to use and if you are lacking any of the nutrients found therein, you can expect that your body will recognize them as food that can quickly be used by the body for building new and healthy cells.

BONUS VALUE (BV):  Bonus Value (BV) is the amount of money that is left over after the wholesale cost of products and other costs of doing business are subtracted from the retail price. Ninety percent (90%) of the BV is paid out to our members in the Unilevel Compensation plan. This is 40-50% more than is paid out by most product based companies. Ten percent (10%) of the BV remains with the company to expand operations including product inventory.

Free-Mart is doing some things that have never been done before, which will pay you 4-8 times what most popular compensation plans pay, based upon the same number of persons in your organization and the same amount of products being purchased.

The Free-Mart Fast Start Compensation plan has two parts:
(1) A Fast Start Bonus that splits commissions between 5 different pay ranks and overcomes the inherent weaknesses of the typical fast start bonus.

(2) The “highest paying” Uni-level in the industry that pays through all nine-levels without rank advancement, group volume requirements or any obligation to make a qualifying product purchase.

A short explanation is perhaps necessary in order to understand the difference between the Free-Mart Fast Start Bonus and those employed by most other companies. The “Fast Start Bonus” was first implemented many years after network marketing first got started. “Fast Start” sounds great, because people generally want earn money quickly, if given the choice to do it honestly. However, the typical Fast Start Bonus greatly slows down the growth of a network marketing company and here is an example of how it usually works.

The real purpose of network marketing is to leverage your time and efforts through an organization of people that have similar goals as you do. In a typical Fast Start Plan, only one member gets paid, which means there is no leveraging going on. This defeats the entire purpose of network marketing, so for this example let’s assume that you enroll five new members your first month and you receive 100% of the commissions paid on those sales. Then, let’s assume next month that your five new members each enroll five, but you enroll none yourself. The five new people get paid 100% of the commissions their first month (which is your second month), but you receive nothing. How discouraging is that?

If the five people you enrolled your first month make a purchase the second month, you will earn a small commission which you may not receive until your third month. Even more disappointing is the fact that your commissions the third month are typically less than what you earned the first month, which doesn’t give you a lot of incentive to go to work the fourth month. This same discouragement duplicates throughout your organization and statistics of the industry show that 95% of the people that join a typical network marketing company end up dropping out because they aren’t earning enough money to keep them motivated to continue.

The Free-Mart Fast Start Plan is designed to foster leadership among members. It can be explained in about 30 seconds and is leveraged in such a way that each member who enthusiastically shares the Free-Mart Story can earn bread and butter money (money for immediate needs) as their organization grows, allowing them to then earn true residual income (through the unilevel) that can last for a lifetime and beyond.

By making referrals to Free-Mart:
1. You will receive 10% of the BV on your first sale, and 10% of the BV of any purchase made by that member for the next 45 days.
2. You will receive 20% of the BV on sales 2-3, and 20% of the BV of any purchase made by those members for the next 45 days.
3. You will receive 30% of the BV on sales 4-6, and 30% of the BV of any purchase made by those members for the next 45 days.
4. You will receive 40% of the BV on sales 7-9, and 40% of the BV of any purchase made by those members for the next 45 days.
5. When you make sales 10 through infinity, you will receive 50% of the BV on those sales and every purchase thereafter for the next 45 days.
6. Commissions on any purchases made by any member after the initial 45 day Fast Start Period will be paid in the 9-level Unilevel Compensation Plan.

Commissions are paid through the Unilevel Plan on all purchases made by any member after the 45th day of his or her first purchase. Unilevel commissions are paid through 9-levels.

The Unilevel can be explained in about 30 seconds and it is the easiest compensation plan to understand. Simply put, everyone you refer to Free-Mart is direct to you or in other words, they are what we call your first level. Everyone they refer is your second level, etc. and the Free-Mart Unilevel pays commissions through nine (9) levels. The only other thing to understand is that each level is assigned a percentage of the BV that is paid out and when you add the percentages of the levels together, you will have the total percentage of BV that is paid to the members. Free-Mart pays 90% of the BV to its members and retains only 10% for growing the company.

The single best way to understand how a unilevel pays is with an income model. The following example is not guarantee of income, but the numbers are true and correct, meaning that if you were to achieve these same numbers in your organization, this is the amount of money you would earn.

The following income is what you would earn based upon each person in this example only making two (2) referrals and each person making a monthly purchase of $25 BV in products each month.

2 persons x 25 BV x 1% = $.50
4 persons x 25 BV x 1% = $1
8 persons x 25 BV x 2% = $4
16 persons x 25 BV x 3% = $12
32 persons x 25 BV x 5% = $40
64 persons x 25 BV x 8% = $128
128 persons x 25 BV x 13% = $416
256 persons x 25 BV x 21% = $1,344
512 persons x 25 BV x 34% = $4,352
1,022 members = Monthly income of $6,282.50

Note: If each person only purchased one bottle of NVIRO 360 Soap each month, which has an average BV of ten ($10) dollars, your monthly income would still be over $2,500 per month!

Now, let’s see what it could mean if everybody only shared Free-Mart with just three (3) people and each person purchased only $25 BV in products monthly.

3 persons x 25 BV x 1% = $.75
9 persons x 25 BV x 1% = $2.25
27 persons x 25 BV x 2% = $13.50
81 persons x 25 BV x 3% = $60.75
243 persons x 25 BV x 5% = $303.75
729 persons x 25 BV x 8% = $1,458
2,187 persons x 25 BV x 13% = $7,107.75
6,561 persons x 25 BV x 21% = $34,445.25
19,683 persons x 25 BV x 34% = $167,305.50
29,523 members = Monthly income of $210,697.50

Note: If everyone in your organization just purchased one bottle of NVIRO 360 Soap each month, your monthly income would be over $84,000.

Do we recommend that you only get two or three and give away sponsorship in order to force success upon others? Absolutely not! First of all, you would miss getting into the bonus pools and miss out on earning a percentage of global sales. Secondly, you would essentially be creating a matrix and would be participating in the exact principle that causes the matrix plan to fail.

You would be better off to go out and enroll 100 people and then if you want to be charitable, you can give money to the “deserving” needy; but never enable someone to be lazy (not even children) by giving away members that you personally recruit. This has NEVER worked!

Finally, the Free-Mart Compensation Plan gives you what every millionaire and billionaire has and that is a vehicle to leverage other people’s time and money sufficiently to achieve heights that you could never achieve by yourself. Only now it can be done without hurting anyone!

We believe that FREE-MART is the first company to offer the average person a real vehicle whereby they can achieve financial freedom!  

Note: Money can't buy happiness, but it sure makes a nice down payment. Pay day is every Friday.

If you are thinking of making a career out of Network Marketing, you may want to avoid two particular compensation plans:

(1) The Binary Plan requires you to build and balance two legs. Failure to do so can result in loss of “all” income and most people cannot build and balance two legs. Only 3% of the people earn money in a typical binary and we are aware of only two companies with a binary plan that have survived 20 years. So if you are looking for longevity in a network marketing opportunity, the odds are greatly stacked against you when joining a binary company.

(2) Even though the matrix plan is much older than the binary plan, when it comes to success and longevity, the matrix compensation plan has had even less success than the binary. For every company employing a binary, there have been perhaps a hundred companies that have used the matrix. The matrix plan historically pays the least commissions of any compensation plan. There is only one company with a matrix plan that has survived 20 years and perhaps 99% of all companies that have employed a matrix compensation plan have failed within their first five years.

Simply put, if you want long-term success for yourself and the people you introduce to network marketing, avoid these two compensation plans, because the chances of them surviving long term are nearly zero.

Note: The Uni-level has long proven itself to be the most fair, stable and highest paying compensation plan in the industry.

The FREE-MART Compensation Plan is the best that was ever created since the beginning of the industry. Free-Mart may be your “Dream” company. Join Now