Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Rest of The Story

My Free-Mart Vision 
By John Austin, CEO of FREE-MART 

About 4 1 /2 years ago I had a vision. It started out as a night dream, but even after I awoke and was fully conscious, it continued in full-color panoramic view for about another ten minutes.

I also had another similar dream some 30 years ago that I think dovetails the second dream, so let me begin there with my story.

I saw myself dressed in business attire and surrounded by countless millions of people. This was long before the days of Internet or any means of communication that could unite such a large number of people simultaneously, but I saw them as if they were all present, although I realized at the time that they were scattered throughout the entire earth.

I never knew what this vision meant, but it left such a profound impression upon me that I always believed it would one day happen.

I now believe that Free-Mart is the vehicle that will unite many millions of people, and as Paul Harvey would say it, "Now for the rest of the story."

I was living in Mexico at the time of my vision. I was Master Distributor of a company called Joy To Live. I came on board as a consultant to the company at a time when the company was literally failing.

The name of the company at that time was Elite Marketing Alliance (EMA) and they were only enrolling 1-2 new members per week, and sometimes they went 2 weeks without enrolling anyone.

The company owner was in the process of changing the compensation plan in hopes that it would breathe new life into his company and when I saw the changes he was about to make, I told him he may as well close his doors that very day because the new compensation plan would be the last nail in his coffin.

It took me over a week to convince him, but finally he listened to me and listened to some of my suggestions for improving his company. 

In short, I helped him take his company from zero to hero until he got proud and began taking credit for his newfound success. He eventually made the fatal mistake of stealing people from my downline and after asking him to repent and make things right, he terminated me and took away my income.

I only say this because so many people have asked me why I am no longer with Joy To Live and also to give you another of the reasons that led me to start Free-Mart.
The day before my vision, my Internet went off early in the afternoon and for some reason I felt inclined to read about God until bedtime. When I went to bed, I was not thinking about business, but was musing in the spirit about more important things.

Sometime early the next morning I found myself standing upon a huge cement platform, looking out over an expanse of commercial buildings. I asked what this meant and was told that I was looking at every network marketing company in the entire world.

Some of them were big and tall, representing billion dollar companies like Amway, Herbal Life, Shaklee, Nature's Sunshine NuSkin, etc. They were all sizes, down to some that were extremely small, representing new startup companies.

I was then made aware that I was standing upon the foundation of a new network marketing company and I noticed that it was much bigger and broader by far than any of the existing companies.

Later I became aware that under the ground level floor I was standing on was a strong foundation that had already been under construction for some time. I believe this is the work that my first business partner, David Crookston, did for an entire year prior to me coming on board. After David resigned from the company, I partnered with Tom Green and continued to make the dream come true for all FREE-MART members.

The next thing I noticed was me saying over and over again, "We are winning, we are winning." I later understood that this represented me telling the story of this new company.

Every time I spoke, I saw round sonic shock waves go out of my mouth. This reminded me of the rings that porpoises make under water and I watched them grow larger as they traveled through the distance.

Whenever one of these rings came into contact with one of the network marketing companies, it looked like it was hit by a huge wrecking ball, knocking a big hole in the side of the building and breaking the cement into pieces which then fell to the ground.

I was then amazed to see how the broken pieces came to life and started scurrying over to where I was standing, causing the building I was standing on to grow taller. The broken pieces of cement represented members coming out of other companies to join with me upon hearing my story.

Then I watched as these new members began sharing their voices, which caused our building to grow faster and faster. 

I woke up perhaps 10 minutes prior to my vision ending. While I was wide awake, my vision continued in full, panoramic color until we dwarfed all of the other companies in the industry. 

The closest thing I could compare it to, would be like standing on top of one of the twin towers in New York before they came down, and looking down over New York city. 

I surmised that many of the biggest buildings I could see would have fit simultaneously inside of the building I was standing on.

I looked out over the entire network marketing world and I distinctly noticed that there was not a single building left standing that was not seriously defaced by the number of members that had come out of their midst. 

Before my vision ended, I noticed that many of the companies I had seen in the beginning had completely crumbled and fallen to the ground, meaning they had gone out of business from losing so many members.

I now believe that FreeMart is the company that I saw in my vision and that it will outgrow all other companies in the industry.

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