Friday, August 19, 2016

Testimony From Beth Goodwin

From the Desk of Beth Goodwin
Helping People Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

My friend, Terry T, lives in Georgia. His wife, Debbie, has Type 2 diabetes. In January/February 2016 her blood sugar readings were 200/300.

Recently, Terry learned about Free-Mart water. Terry is battling prostate cancer. He ordered the water and started drinking exorbitant amounts of it.

Then Debbie decided she would drink it as well. (Smart move, Debbie!) After drinking Free-Mart water for about a month, her sugar dropped to 100. It fluctuates, but I assume each of us does that! Terry said it is hovering at 100.

If Free-Mart water does this for Debbie, think what it could do for your health issues.

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