Monday, October 17, 2016

MLM Mafia

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How The MLM Mafia Works

The MLM M.A.F.I.A. (Mothers And Fathers of Inaccuracy Association) controls everything from distribution to compensation

The MLM Mafia at its core is about one thing -- money. 
Find out how you can get into the MLM Mafia, what the MLM  Mafia does, and how you can make money with the MLM Mafia.

The MLM Mafia Comp Plan

Level 1: Pimp
Level 2: Prostitute
Level 3: Drug Dealer
Level 4: Drug Lord
Level 5: Hit Man
Level 6: Community Organizer
Level 7: Government Lobbyist

The MLM Mafia uses a very lucrative (for the Company) 5X7 matrix pay plan.

Level 1 Pimps recruit five Prostitutes.

Level 2 Prostitutes recruit five Johns who pay $250 for each transaction on auto-ship. 

Level 3 Johns turn into Drug Dealers so they can afford their monthly auto-ship for the Product of their choice.

Level 4 Drug Lords earn 10% of the total sales of all Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 activity.

Level 5 Hit Men are assigned the task of enforcing quotas (called Group Volume). They earn a $25 Fast Start Bonus for every sale plus monthly residuals thru 4 Levels.

Level 6 Community Organizers are responsible for all Group training and loyalty to the MLM Mafia. They must conduct daily seminars to increase sales by all means possible. They receive 10% weekly commission thru 5 Levels plus 1% Profit Sharing of gross monthly sales.

Level 7: You hit the Jackpot! Government Lobbyists are paid through 6 Levels plus 2% of the Gross Monthly Sales to Infinity and Matching Bonus. All 7 Levels are required to be on auto-ship whether they want to or not.

This is how 99% of all MLM companies operate. They just change the terminology to make their shady business practices look respectable. This is why Matrix and Binary compensation plans are often referred to as Pyramid schemes because the system requires a lot of people at the bottom to feed money up the chain to the few at the top.

If you are not the Mafia type, and prefer a fair and honest business, CLICK HERE.