Tuesday, August 1, 2017

FREE-MART Supports Worthy Causes

From the Desk of John Austin, CEO of FreeMart
Bob Holmes is known across America as The One Man Volleyball Team. His record is an amazing 16,400+ Wins and only 365 Losses, and some of the wins are against professional teams like the Baltimore Orioles and Minnesota Vikings. Bob holds the world record for most games played by any athlete in any sport. (Reference: RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT)
Since 1978, his mission has been to reach as many of America's youth and lead them to Christ by first delivering and unforgettable sports performance followed up by a powerful spiritual message that has inspired over 70,000 teenagers to give their lives to Christ.
I met Bob several years ago and we have had a number of conversations. I have the utmost respect for Bob and I love how he gives so much of himself. He is like the energizer bunny that never, never quits!
FreeMart Ministries is proud to support Christian Youth ministries such as this. Think of the problems associated with Drugs, Alcohol, Suicide, and Bullying among teenagers and youth today. Bob performs as a "One Man Volleyball Team" to get their attention and then follows-up with a very powerful message on how they, too, can "Stand Alone Against Drugs, Alcohol, and Suicide. His message has created quite a movement among young people to band together, form clubs and become pro-active to address these major problems. 
This message appeals not only teenagers, but parents concerned about these problems as well. Bob's message is reaching these young people in an environment where many teenagers were previously never able to hear the message due to peer pressure. This is not just a message from a pastor in a church that many youth today never attend. It is in their local high school where everyone is a captive audience. Almost everyone loves sports and when Bob wins at volleyball against insurmountable odds, he becomes somewhat of a hero figure whose message of courage is extremely powerful and inspiring.
Please do not take this request lightly and let someone else carry all of the load. Do your part to help Bob get his message out!!!!
We are asking FreeMart members to help Bob, who is also a FreeMart member. Give him whatever support that you can. His immediate need is ten thousand dollars to keep him from losing his home. A hundred dollar gift from 100 people would take care of this immediate need and any extra will go to support his ministry to the youth of America. We know that many budgets are already stretched, so even a ten dollar monthly gift would be received with appreciation and a prayer for a blessing upon your head in return for your generosity. Ask your Church or Sunday School class to make monthly donations to Bob's ministry.

You can learn more about the ministry of Bob Holmes at (
Bob's ministry is dependent on free-will love offerings. Donations are Tax-Deductible and he can furnish you a receipt to file with your tax return. To make a donation, simply go to Beat The Odds and choose your option.
Enter whatever amount you feel prompted to make and we pray that God will bless you with an extra bonus that perhaps you were not expecting. He will supply your needs. Phil 4:19.
100% of your donation will go to Bob's ministry and these urgent personal needs!
If you would like to receive some of the emails that come back from teenagers that have attended his events, please send an email to with "Send Me Bob's Emails".
You are in for an emotional high that will leave you very thankful for what he does for our youth.

Blessings to you for your prayers and your support.

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