Friday, November 5, 2010

Economic Realities

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With the current trend and reality of most manufacturing, most R&D and service sector jobs going offshore, your prospects of finding good employment has gotten very sketchy indeed.

Did you know that McDonalds is now using offshore services to take your order at the drive up windows? So when that person in the squawk box asks for your order you may be talking to someone in India?

As of 2010 unemployment is around 17% and the likelihood of it getting back to 3% - 4% is unrealistic for the foreseeable future. In fact with the current policies and economic conditions today it will most likely take another generation before our economy recovers from the catastrophic damages it has gone through since 2008.

It has become so apparent today that the only real opportunity to develop a decent income and grasp the promise of developing any type of wealth is totally dependent on you building your own business. The good news is that with today's technologies, accomplishing that is a lot easier today that at any other time in our history.

Technology, along with good information and the proper tools and training, and just about anyone with a real drive and dedication can do quite well for themselves; especially in the current economic climate we have today.

For the last 3 years or so I have been advocating eliminating all your debt, even if it means short-selling your home and renegotiating your credit card debt in half. That is exactly what I have done. I'm now debt-free. Since getting debt free, my savings rate has increased considerably, giving me greater security in a very economically challenging world.

Having built several businesses, my income continues to increase despite the current economic downturn. My businesses are basically recession proof and because today network marketing is in a major growth curve while traditional jobs are few and far between.

You see the trend here, right? Purge your debt and quit investing in debt. Invest in assets by building or buying businesses. Debt eats your money, while businesses make you money. Conventional wisdom has taught us to buy a house as an asset. But is owing a huge mortgage an asset? Is your home making you money or costing you money? The only time a house is an asset is when you rent it out for more than your mortgage, insurance and taxes are costing you. This is our primary mission: To help you build online businesses.

Years ago my businesses were all brick and mortar businesses. They made money, but were nearly impossible to pull up and move without serious interruption, as they were very dependent on the local economy.

Today my businesses are all Internet web-based. I can run them anywhere in the world. I could move to Europe for several months and ran my businesses without any issues at all. It's totally seamless in all respects.

In June 2010 I retired to a beautiful home in the country, and my businesses moved with me without a hitch. This is exactly what we teach and exactly what most of us aspire to have. And if the USA continues to trend towards greater taxes and socialistic policies you can count on your situation getting worse... unless you protect your future.

The home based business model makes us better parents. This makes us better sentries to our country and freedom. This allows us to be out of the box and more aware of current events. This lifestyle is better on our economy and environment. And this is exactly what Innov8tive is all about.

Despite the current (and future) economic chaos, you can prosper if you understand the situation we are in, the trends that are occurring and the necessary actions you need to take to prosper.

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