Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Reward Yourself

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Rarely can you find a business model where everybody benefits and nobody gets hurt. Such a business model is easy to share with others and that is where our member profit sharing enters in. 
FreeMart shares up to 90% of its profits with its members. The “only” requirement for members to participate in receiving member shares in our company profits is to refer one or more other members who then make a product purchase.
We compared our profit sharing plan with several of the fastest growing companies in 2015 that pay commissions for referrals and in every case, our members receive 4-8 times as much money based upon the same number of members and the same volume of products being purchased or sold.
Details of the FreeMart Rewards Program are available in your member’s back office. If you are already a free member of FreeMart, login and click on the Rewards Program Tab.
If you are not currently a FreeMart member, you can click Join Now to register as a free member.