Saturday, September 23, 2017

Above Average

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The average nine to fiver works 40 years and retires on 40% of what they 
couldn't live on while they were working full time.

Why not start working from home part time before you retire and build a bigger
nest egg. You can work at home, at the beach, or anywhere you can connect to
Wi-Fi. And no dress code. How much can you earn? That's up to you. 

I'm just an average guy making an average income. Since you're above average, 
you can make a lot more.

I started my online business in August 2008, two years before I retired for my job. 
Originally, I was only promoting natural wellness products (which I still do). As I
learned more about how to use the Internet to generate residual income, I added
some affiliate programs that appealed to me, and created several other streams
of income. In June 2010, I became a full time Affiliate Marketer. 

Creating residual income is not a mystery, it's a formula. The secret is finally made public.