Monday, November 20, 2017

MLM Blueprint

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Here is Your MLM Failure Blueprint
Step 1: Join a Pre-Launch Opportunity (Most Fail in The First 2 Years)
Step 2: Market It Until You Are Exhausted
Step 3: Don't Build Relationships (EVER!)
Step 4: Send your Affiliate Link to Just Any and Everybody
Step 5: No Results? Good, That Means It's Working (Yeah!)
Step 6: Bang Your Head Against the Wall (Adjust Speed as Necessary)
Step 7: Not Unconscious Yet? WOW! Now Go To The Next Step
Step 8: Join, or Continue With, a Company That Requires Auto-ship (Lose Lots of Money)
Step 9: Start all over again - Go to Step 1
Familiar With The Above Process? Maybe Too Familiar?...