Sunday, April 12, 2020

Self Published Books

Self Published Books Available now

Self Published printed in full color in a three ring binder to allow personalizing. This self published book can be personalize by us with your church name and information. 
Printed Copy:  $ 12.95  Personalized copy $21.95  With a PDF Copy on 
Flashdrive $19.59 

This is Self Published but scheduled to be professionally published later this year Advance reservations can be sent to  
Available Now on Amazon or Barnes & Noble

The Author, Dewey Painter, is Available for Seminars on Senior Outreach program 
[3-6 hours] 
or will come to your church and work with your team to set  up a full program 
[1-3 day needed]
Dewey helped start 17 Senior Programs in Florida and Georgia. He updated his notes from those experiences to publish his book.
  Available on Amazon     

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1 Where Loves Finds A Way  ISBN 978-1-64299-589-3 51595  $                    15.95
2 Senior Outreach Manual ISBN 978-1-9736-6910-4 51795  $                    17.95
3 Mission  Team Members Handbook  $                    12.95
4 Mission  Team Members Handbook Personalized  $                    21.95
5 Mission Team Members Handbook with PDF on Flash Drive  $                    19.59
6 Practical Guide for Missionary Shipping   $                    14.95
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