Thursday, April 23, 2020


AIOP Special Offer    

Dear Fellow Marketer,

You're invited to work on a global project for a fast-growing Private Wholesale Buyers Club with a 10-year track record of proven success.   

Members are generously rewarded with Weekly Commissions + Monthly Revenue Sharing.
The Club Has High Quality Products at Low, Low Prices. Our members are able to purchase needed and wanted products online.

There is NO cost to join the club and No annual fees.
*You only need to make One (1) purchase a year to remain an active member. 
*If you do not make a purchase they will simply remove your membership.   
*Since it does not cost anything you don't have anything to lose except SAVINGS.

7 Million Members Worldwide and Growing! If You want to be on the front end of something BIG, WATCH THIS 1 MINUTE VIDEO:

CALL Mike Farris, 205-552-3719 Monday thru Saturday 8AM to 6PM  EST to get the codes to join. Because the Codes change daily we are unable to send them by email.

Mike, or one of his Team Mates, Will Set You Up With Your FREE Membership. You Need To Be At Your Computer And Have Your Cell Phone Ready To Accept The Code. Pen and paper handy to take notes.

If you live outside the USA and unable to call, email Mike Farris at for written instructions with "Wholesale Club" in the subject line.

If you live in Canada, contact: Louise Bradt    PH: 204-627-0280

If you speak Spanish, Contact: Edgar Farias   PH: 830-308-0230