Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Private Club

Family Membership | ADDA - Attention Deficit Disorder Association

Would You Like To Get Recurring Commissions From Purchases Made By People All Over The World Through A Private Wholesale Club?

NO INVESTMENT - NO OBLIGATION - Simple: No Experience Needed - Secure: Impeccable Track Record Since 2009. Over 7 Million Members and Growing.

This Is A Special Invitation To Join A Private Exclusive Wholesale Buyers Club For Free. Enjoy LOW LOW Prices and Weekly Commissions + Monthly Revenue SharingWatch This Video

CALL Mike Farris, 205-552-3719 Monday thru Saturday 8AM to 6PM  Eastern Time  to get the codes to join. Because the Codes change daily, we are unable to send them by email.

Mike, or one of his Teammates, Will Set You Up With Your FREE Membership. You Need To Be At Your Computer And Have Your Cell Phone Ready To Accept The Code. Pen and paper to take notes.

If you live outside the USA and unable to call, email Mike Farris at for written instructions for a Google Meeting. Put "Private Club" in the subject line.

If you live in the Eastern Time Zone contact: David Mashburn   
PH: 770-503-4200

If you live in the Central Time Zone contact: Bob McCorvey      
PH: 414-588-9142

If you live in the Mountain Time Zone contact: David Light       
PH: 480-306-0947

If you live in the Pacific Time Zone contact: Jack Phillips          
PH: 541-258-3024

If you live in Canada, contact: Louise Bradt:                           
PH: 204-627-0280

If you speak Spanish contact: Edgar Farias:                            
PH: 830-308-0230

If you live in India contact Gerata Steeven:                            
PH: +91- 986-683-6229