Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Ten Natural Laws of Health

What Causes Disease?

The underlying cause of ALL disease is diet and lifestyle. Malnutrition, dehydration, and stress compromises the immune system to the point that it can no longer function properly. To reverse disease requires a change in diet and lifestyle that most people don't know about, or are unwilling to make the necessary changes...opting instead for the quick-fix of modern medicine.

If you read the article Why Are So Many Sick, you understand that the 'sickness industry' has a vested interest in keeping you just well enough to return for more treatment and more drugs and/or surgery. There is very little profit in teaching you how to cure disease using The Ten Natural Laws of Health. These ten laws are discussed in detail by Dr. Lorraine Day, a medical doctor, in her video, You Can't Improve on God. Here's a preview:

1) Nutrition
This is the main section of her tape. In it she goes into great detail about what a cancer patient should and should not eat. She also goes into specific drinks (e.g. carrot juice) that help rebuild your immune system.

She also has many warnings, such as to not microwave your foods, don't have dental amalgam put in your mouth, don't consume too much protein, etc.

2) Exercise
She gives a lot of good reasons to exercise, such as reducing stress, reducing blood pressure, etc. In later items she also gives very good reasons to exercise outdoors.

3) Water
In this section she discusses all the physical and emotional problems that can result from not drinking enough water. To compound these problems, the symptoms of dehydration (read our article about coconut water) frequently lead a person to misdiagnose their problem.

4) Sunlight
She does a good job explaining why sunlight prevents cancer rather than causes cancer. The importance of sunlight is far more significant than most people realize. An item below is fresh air, thus she mentions that three items can be accomplished at the same time if you exercise outdoors (exercise, sunlight and fresh air).

5) Temperance (i.e. Abstinence)
In this section she gives a long list of things to avoid. These include coffee, sugar (read our article on sugar), alcohol, caffeine in general, etc. She notes that 70 cups of coffee is a fatal dose of coffee.

6) Air (i.e. Being Outdoors)
While this item is more than just being outdoors, the general direction is to get people outdoors or at least to open windows when you can. Her main discussion is about positive and negative ions.

7) Rest (i.e. Sleep)
She makes some good points that a person should go to bed with the sun. While this might be impossible in some cases, her point is to not stay up too late because the body follows the sun's cycles.

8) Trust in God
This discussion is in trusting God's wisdom (i.e. His foods, and His healing) rather than man's wisdom. She also discusses prayer and its importance. (read her article, What Does the Bible Say About Doctors?)

9) An Attitude of Gratitude
In this section she talks about the problems of being exposed to negative situations, such as watching the always depressing T.V. news. She talks about giving up anger, thinking good thoughts, and so on. (be thankful for your forced you to seek God's solution)

10) Benevolence
Helping others and praying for others.

If you would like to help others (Health Law number 10) become healthy and wealthy, click here.

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