Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dirty Little Secret

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I have been a full time Network Marketer since 2010 and have seen just about everything. I'm the top recruiter, and Founder, in two companies and earn a very substantial income. I'm retired from one company and just drawing my residuals while I help a new company get started.

The problem is with binary and matrix comp plans. Most are designed for the benefit of the company owners. Any time a company requires auto ship and/or group volume, that comp plan makes the company money and the distributors make very little.

The dirty little secret is that most MLM/Network Marketing companies are a three legged stool with one of the legs missing. They have quality products or services (for the most part) and a comp plan that sounds good but no retention strategy. 

This is why Matrix and Binary compensation plans are often referred to as Pyramid schemes, because the system requires a lot of people at the bottom to feed money up the chain to the few at the top.

You will be very disappointed after working hard to build your business only to see your downline drop out as they grow weary of recruiting, monthly recurring payments, and trying to advance to a higher pay rank.

This is the truth that MLM owners are not telling their distributors. Only a few ever make it... and that's sad.

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