Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Networker's Prayer

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Prayer... the original wireless network

The Networker's Prayer

The Lord blessed me with Networking
To fill a need deep within.
Lord help me be diligent
Sharing this blessing with whom I can.
With purpose and careful balance,
Help me be the teacher I should be
Investing my time to care for those networkers you send me.
With prayerful strength enable me...
To drive away the doubt,
And keep me looking upward, instead of “down and out”
Lord I ask for you to bless me,
And bless my networking friends indeed
With confidence to move towards
Territory you’ve already provided... with joy and daily peace.
Father help us stay in check, with where you’d have us be.
Our success in only in Thee as we strive to be all you would have us be...
May we do our work as unto you, Oh LORD.

Mike Farris
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