Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Analyze This

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1999 Movie

When mob boss, Paul Vitti, (Robert De Niro) is suffering from anxiety attacks, he seeks the help of a therapist, Dr. Ben Sobel (Billy Crystal).

When MLM/Networking programs don't work, the company and your upline always blames you. I'm here to tell you it's NOT your fault!

For over two years I struggled with making money online. Then someone taught me how to analyze compensation plans. What I found was a rigged system that favors the company and a few people at the top.

If your company has a Binary or Matrix pay plan, the two most popular, you have been had. Both of these comp plans are rigged, and you will never reach your goal of financial independence no matter how hard you work.

Analyze This

Look at the last level of your current compensation plan. Suppose your company has 10,000 distributors, now multiply 10K by the number of people on that level. The number is astronomical... often exceeding the population of the entire world! No way can the people on the lower levels ever make any money. And what happens? Your downline drops out, and there goes your income.

Binary and Matrix pay plans are a very deceptive business practice that makes the company owners money whether the distributors make any money or not. This is why the Network Marketing industry has such a bad reputation.

But, hold on! Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. There are legit companies that have a fair and honest compensation plan where anyone can achieve the level of success they desire.

I found a company that's bringing honor to business. Take a look and dare to compare it with any other opportunity.