Saturday, April 15, 2017

Disease Is Profitable

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Disease is very profitable. Any real technology that eliminates disease without drugs threatens the loss of billions of dollars a week to the pharmaceutical-medical complex.

The Healthcare
(actually Sickcare) industry would dry up and go away if there was a cure for diseases that did not involve physicians, hospitals, and drugs.

Medical doctors and hospitals are very good at emergency care, but your health is YOUR responsibility. Learn how to get healthy and stay healthy... Causes of Over 200 Diseases

FREE-MART offers solutions today before chemicals have their way with your body. Prevention IS the cure. For pennies a day you can checkmate health conditions with FREE-MART products. With millions of people affected by poor nutrition, and toxic build up, FREE-MART products are the solution for health and fitness.

The testimony of a 80 year man. I take no prescription drugs, no over the counter drugs. I have none of the health problems of men half my age. In fact, I have no health problems at all. I never even feel bad. I'm a firm believer in FREE-MART natural wellness products. Prevention is the cure.

So FREE-MART offers health and wealth. What more can you ask from a company bringing honor to business? 

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