Friday, June 24, 2016

Hi From Bobby Farris

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We don't know each other, but I bet we have a lot in common. For over 20 years I toiled away for low pay on a JOB (Just Over Broke). I hated fighting the traffic every day, being told when to come to work, when I could take a break, when to go to lunch, when I could take a vacation... and when I had better be back.

One day I was complaining to my Dad about it and he said: "why don't you join me in my home based business"?

Well, I knew my Dad (the guy in the Google + picture) made lots of money doing something on the Internet, but I didn't know anything about marketing. However, I was willing to learn.

Long story short... I happily retired at age 53 and make a very good income working from home a couple of hours a day. What do I do? I help people all over the world get healthy and stay healthy... physically and financially.

The door of opportunity only opens for those who turn the knob.