Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mr. Common Sense

From the Desk of Mike Farris
Helping People Reach Their Goals

Are you old enough to remember Mr. Common Sense? He was very well known and highly respected by previous generations... (before Al Gore invented the Internet - lol).

Example: Suppose you went to your local grocery store and all you needed was a quart of milk and a loaf of bread. You get to the checkout counter and the store clerk says: "Sorry, you must purchase a minimum of $70, it's store policy."

What would you do? Pay up or leave? You'd leave, right? Then how does the MLM/Network Marketing industry get away with forcing people to buy their products on auto-ship? They trick you into believing that it's the only way you can earn commissions.

Another example: Let's say you work at a retail store. You ring up thousands of dollars in sales and come pay day, the boss says, "You don't get paid anything because you did not make a purchase from the store." How long would you work for that company? Then why let MLM companies jerk you around!

The Internet is flooded with offers to help you make money. But the actual truth is 95% will never find success with any traditional MLM/Network Marketing company. And it's not your fault.
Compensation plans simply do not work for 95% of the people who try to build long term residual income. Most MLM comp plans are rigged in the company's favor. This is why Matrix and Binary compensation plans are often referred to as Pyramid schemes because the system requires a lot of people at the bottom to feed money up the chain to the few at the top.

Two of the key reasons for failure are trickery and deception that has been so prevalent in the Network Marketing industry. A Common Sense company has removed all the negatives and brings honor to business with its unique Uni-Level pay plan that is fair and honest... and actually produces true residual income. 

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