Friday, July 1, 2016

Crème de la Crème

From the Desk of Mike Farris
Helping People Who Want To Help Themselves

I grew up on a farm in Lamesa, Texas. In addition to the chores on my Dad's farm, I worked for both of my Grandfathers. One Grandfather was a cattle rancher, the other a dairyman.

At age 5, I got out of bed at 3am to help my dairyman Grandfather. He milked 40 Holstein cows by hand twice a day until the REA (Rural Electrification Agency) brought electricity to his farm in 1946. My job was to place the cardboard caps on the quart and pint milk bottles... all glass back then, no plastic or automation. People worked with their hands and were proud to produce a quality product.

From age 12 to 18 I worked on my other Grandfather's ranch every summer rounding up cattle, branding the new calves... just like a real cowboy.

As new technologies emerged and automation took over, things begin to change. Now days, quality products and customer service are a joke.

My Dad and my Grandfathers were the Crème de la Crème... The Best of the Best. They were honest, hardworking, God-fearing men who taught me how to be responsible for my own life. 

I share those same values in my Network Marketing business. If you want a business that is fair and honest, I can point you in the right direction. The rest is up to you.